Today I’m on “Because quirky characters deserve love, too”

Today is the next stop on my blog tour to introduce The Songbird Thief to the wide world. I’m over on Aidee Ladnier’s delightful, brainy blog, Because quirky characters deserve love, too. Come visit!

I’m a big fan of Aidee’s fiction, and she has technology powers beyond most mortals, which is impressive in itself. So to say thank you to both her and you, I want you all, my lovely readers, to check out her new release. The Moonlight Market is a fantastical tale about circus performers, family ties, and an obstacle-studded romance between two boys. It will, and don’t say I didn’t warn you, give you a craving for cotton candy. And it’ll renew your faith in love.


The Songbird Thief blog tour

I’m gearing up for a virtual tour to celebrate the release of The Songbird Thief. A gazillion thanks to my hosts for supporting me on this coffee-fueled, underfunded, always singing along, gleeful road trip up and down that crazy internet highway. Drop in to see me and stay to enjoy these delightful blogs.

Tuesday, August 23
Harmony Ink Press

Thursday, August 25 – Book release day!
Drops of Ink

Wednesday, August 31
Because quirky characters fall in love, too…

Wednesday, September 6
Off the Page

Wednesday, September 13
Lex Chase: Action. Adventure. True Love.

And a bonus — Divine Magazine is doing an Author Spotlight on me on Friday, August 26. I’m pretty proud to be listed beside some of the other amazing authors they’ve featured.



The Songbird Thief


Fifteen-year-old Lee thinks her petty stealing problem is harmless. She distracts her potential targets by singing, but her songs make people act strangely. When Lee comes to San Francisco to escape her abusive stepfather, she discovers she’s half fey—and that’s not the only secret that’s been hidden from her. To add to Lee’s confusion, she’s in love with her friend Sonja, who has a rule: don’t get involved with the fey. Lee has to choose between exploring who she is and keeping her secret safe so she can stay in Sonja’s life. But pressures build from both inside and outside the Faerie Realm, and a singer like Lee can’t stay silent for long.

Buy The Songbird Thief at Harmony Ink Press, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble, or add it to your shelf on Goodreads.

The Galway Shawl

So I was researching some public domain songs for my new book The Songbird Thief and I came across this smoldering version of “The Galway Shawl” with Seamie O’Dowd. I love how he sticks to the traditional melody for the vocal line, but the guitar part changes everything.