Review: The Break-in by Aidee Ladnier

It may be that I’m not used to novellas, but this sweet little book was over before it started. I’m still walking around the house looking for that book I was reading with the time travelers and robots – queer time travelers, no less! I loved the relationship between cautious, sentimental Forbes and feisty Oliver. I loved the immediate sense of high stakes; Forbes has to convince Oliver of the truth, like NOW, or all will be lost. I loved the steampunk vibe of the inventor’s mansion setting. But the icing on the cake was Jeepers, the robot cat. I must get me one.

I’ll admit I got a mite confused at first about who Oliver was and what his history with Forbes was, but the story takes us there in time. Be patient and you’ll be rewarded. And hopefully the author will reward us all with more books in this charming series.

Look for The Break-in on Amazon or Dreamspinner Press.