Wordy news: FogCon

I’m going to be at FogCon!

I’m excited about my first trip to this con, and double goodness, I can actually be there for the opening ceremonies to hear both Honored Guests, Nisi Shawl and Mary Anne Mohanraj. I’ve gotten a lot from Mary Anne Mohanraj’s wisdom on Writing Excuses. And I was lucky enough to attend the Viable Paradise writing workshop last fall, where Nisi Shawl was an instructor and gave an unforgettable lecture on dialect and dialog; their novel Everfair is one of those luminous reads that will stay and stay with you.

I’ll be on the LGBTQ+ Turning Points panel on Friday at 3:00, moderated by Endria Richardson, with Crystal M. Huff, Steven Schwartz, and Pam Watts.

From the program:

“LGBTQ+ characters face a number of potential turning points — both self-realizations and coming out to and/or confronting various people and institutions in their lives. As more of these stories are told, what are some examples that ring true, and what are some that flopped? How do these stories translate into the speculative field, for instance, with a wider range of alien sexual options? Finally, LGBTQ+ characters — like the real-life people they’re based on — have all the same other turning points that everyone else has, so when do we get to see more of those in fiction? What are some examples of that done well? What cautionary tales are out there?”

FogCon is March 6-8, 2020, in Walnut Creek, CA. Hope to see you there.




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