BayCon 2017

I’m super flattered to have been asked back to BayCon this year for a panel or two. The theme is Dystopia/Utopia. That’s timely. And it will be so cool to breathe the same air as Veronica Belmont and Tom Merritt, hosts of the podcast that has gotten me through many a workday, Sword and Laser. 


Perfectly Queer 3/22

I got all overeager and announced that I would be reading at an event I am not, in fact, reading at. Oh, my errant enthusiasms.

So I am NOT reading on Monday, March 13 at Dog Eared Books in San Francisco on the Perfectly Queer event, but I will be there to listen because Ellen Klages! And the other readers, M. Christian and Vylar Kaftan, look splendid.

And I AM reading on Wednesday, March 22 at Nomadic Press Uptown in Oakland. I adore Nomadic Press and I could not be more excited to meet Kwan Booth and Na’amen Tilahun. What should I wear?