Today I’m on “Because quirky characters deserve love, too”

Today is the next stop on my blog tour to introduce The Songbird Thief to the wide world. I’m over on Aidee Ladnier’s delightful, brainy blog, Because quirky characters deserve love, too. Come visit!

I’m a big fan of Aidee’s fiction, and she has technology powers beyond most mortals, which is impressive in itself. So to say thank you to both her and you, I want you all, my lovely readers, to check out her new release. The Moonlight Market is a fantastical tale about circus performers, family ties, and an obstacle-studded romance between two boys. It will, and don’t say I didn’t warn you, give you a craving for cotton candy. And it’ll renew your faith in love.


The Songbird Thief release day + blog tour stop

The Songbird Thief is in the world today!


Where’s the harm in a little petty theft now and then? Fifteen-year-old Lee is about to find out. Lee has a gift—the ability to use her songs to enchant prospective victims, making them easy to rob—but it isn’t without a price. The source of this mysterious ability is revealed when Lee comes to San Francisco, fleeing her stepfather’s abuse: she is half fey. This knowledge puts a strain on Lee’s relationship with her friend and secret crush, Sonja, since Sonja thinks entanglements with the fey only lead to trouble. As her adventure takes her deeper into the intrigues of the Faerie Realm, Lee discovers her power has the potential for more than fun and profit. Some would use it for evil, and only Lee can decide if there’s good to be found in her songs.

It’s available here:

Harmony Ink Press
Barnes & Noble

And — today I’m doing an author interview over on Anne Barwell’s lovely blog. Thank you Anne for hosting me!

— Excerpt — 

I know Sonja will be late even before the tired woman behind the counter yells my name to give me the message. My name is an all-access pass— Lee—but she still manages to make it into two syllables. I jolt out of my exhausted trance when I finally realize I’m the Lee she’s yelling for. I’m pretty sure I’m the last girl in California not to have a cell phone. It’s after one o’clock in the morning. I’m at the 24-Hour Chinese Food and Donuts on Continue reading “The Songbird Thief release day + blog tour stop”