Good reading times last night at the Radar Reading Series! Radar is celebrating its 11th year bringing writers to the microphone whose work reflects the diversity of queer experience. I love the fact that it’s at the San Francisco Public Library, for free. And last night’s writers were terrific. We heard Ariel Gore read from The End of Eve, her beautiful memoir about taking care of her ailing mother. Ocean Capewell read a sexy story from her book The Most Beautiful Rot. Shawna Kenney’s anthology Book Lovers: Sexy Stories from Under the Covers had a so relatable introduction that she read (plus extra points for wearing that cute daisy headdress!). And Andrew Demcak gave us a bite of his new YA novel Ghost Songs, which has young queers and musical passions and dysfunctional parents and it’s set in the 80s and let’s face it, it could pretty much be about me.

And Radar’s host Michelle Tea made peanut butter chocolate cookies. No. Really. Peanut butter chocolate cookies.


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