Pretty Peg

Pretty Peg cover

High school senior Josy Grant already had plenty on her plate before she found the magic puppet theater her murdered sister left behind.  Despite Josy’s grief, the responsibility of taking care of her family falls to her, and being queer doesn’t make dealing with school any easier. Things only get worse when sexy new girl Nicky tells Josy her sister died at the hands of a mysterious figure from the Faerie Realm called the Woodcutter, and if they can’t stop him, Josy and her remaining sister will be next.

They have just days before the Woodcutter strikes again on the autumn equinox, so Josy follows Nicky into the Faerie Realm to hunt him. Along the way, she discovers Fey gifts of her own and answers to the questions that have driven the Grant family apart. Nothing comes for free when dealing with Fey, though, and those gifts and answers might come at a terrible price.

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2 thoughts on “Pretty Peg

  1. Hey Skye-

    I saw your last night at “Queer Words”, and really loved your reading. I’m wondering about how your experience as a female queer writer was while trying to get published. I’ve noticed that pretty much the lion’s share of LGBT YA fiction stars white, cis-gendered, male, gay (not bi) protagonists.

    1. Thanks for coming to the reading! That’s a good question. I have 2 books with a great LGBTQ+ YA small press (Harmony Ink Press) but it’s true that their list has many more male than female protags. I think that’s true a lot, although the total sample of queer YA fiction is still pretty small. As for getting published — I queried about 95 agents and several other small presses that didn’t require an agent before Pretty Peg was accepted, and while none of my rejections ever explicitly stated that the queer girl MC was the problem, I did (still do) notice a dearth of lesbian or bi female MCs on anyone’s list.

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